Michael Jenkins Joins As Montgomery Regional President

Marion Community Bank is excited to announce that Michael Jenkins has joined the bank as Montgomery Regional President.

"We are incredibly excited about our expansion into the River Region and Michael is the perfect person to lead the charge for us here. As a Montgomery native, he has deep ties to the community and has an extensive track record of helping businesses throughout the River Region." - Guy Davis, CEO, Marion Community Bank.  

When asked how his values line up with the values of Marion Community Bank, Michael said, "Over time, the Black Belt region has seen hospitals close, schools shut down, and many financial institutions pack up and leave. Despite these challenges, Marion Community Bank has been a constant and reliable source of financial stability and support. We were here during the booms, we helped our clients navigate the busts, and we’ll continue serving our clients with integrity and compassion far into the future."

Welcome Michael! We are excited to have you on the team!


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