Marion Bank & Trust is now Marion Community Bank!

Rebranding Announcement

Next year will mark Marion Bank & Trust Company’s 119th year of serving Marion and Perry County. We began as Marion Central Bank in 1902 and reformed as Marion Bank & Trust Company in 1934.

As we have expanded our footprint outside of Marion, we decided that it is time to update our brand. That can be difficult for a brand as old as ours. It is important to honor the past while keeping an eye on the future. As we researched our history, two words kept rising to the surface: Commitment and Community. We are committed to our customers in Perry, Dallas Chilton and Montgomery Counties. We are a community bank. We exist to meet the financial needs of our local community.

Because our bank has expanded into new markets, it might make sense to change the name to something with no geographic reference. However, “Marion” is far more than the name of our hometown and where we are headquartered. The word “Marion” represents our heritage, the foundation of our story and a way of life. With all of this in mind, we are pleased, proud and honored to announce that:

Our brand is built on Integrity, Trust, Leadership, Compassion and FUN

Some questions you may have:

Why did you change the name?

It was just time to update our brand. We have never had a trust department or offered trust services, which was confusing to some in the communities we serve outside of Marion. It was important to us to keep “Marion” in the name, because it is our heritage, and we are proud of it.

Is the bank selling?

No. We are not selling. We are simply updating our brand.

What does this mean for my bank I have to order new checks and debit cards?

No. It is business as usual. When you run out of checks or need to reorder a new debit card, you will see the new name on there.

What is the new website?

For now, you will continue to use We will slowly be updating all our technology with the new logo. You will begin to see the new name and logo on our apps, websites, debit cards, checks and mailings as we make these changes.

We would like to take this time to thank you for your continued support as we promise to provide unmatched service and innovative solutions in years to come.


We welcome you to contact us with any questions or concerns. However, please do not include any confidential information in your message.