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Our Business Online Banking has been designed with our business customers in mind. With the convenience of Online Banking at your fingertips, you can check balances, make internal transfers, make payments, and more with our Business Online Banking.

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The Home page lists all your accounts and quickly allows you to see recent transactions or make a transfer between your Marion Bank and Trust accounts.

Under Alerts, you have the option to sign up for notifications that you setup yourself. Just click the Enroll button and you will be guided through the next steps. For more information on our Notifi® product, click here.

If you selected ACH Manager, Wire Manager, or BillPay to be added to your Business Online Account, shortcuts are available on the right side of the screen.

BO Home page.PNG



Click on the Accounts tab and your accounts will be displayed. By clicking on a certain account, it will show you the transactions for that account.

On the right, you can search for transactions by the amount, check number, or date range.

Use the Download option when you need transactions saved for easier access.

BO Accounts page.PNG



The Payments & Transfers page lets you set up transfers between your Marion Bank & Trust accounts and access any other products you have requested, including ACH Manager, Wire Manager, & BillPay.

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On the Checks & Deposits page, you can add a Stop Payment on a check to your account. Fill in the fields and click Preview Stop Payment to confirm the information, then confirm. 

If you signed up for Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit checks by going under the Deposit Checks tab on this page. For more information on this product, click here.

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The Administration page allows you to create, change, or delete employees. You get to decide what each employee does and does not have access to. 

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Business Online Banking

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Merchant Source Capture

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Watch these videos to learn how easy it is to use Business Online Banking.





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