Real-time Alerts


Through our Notifi® product, you can now sign-up for real-time alerts by text message to your phone, by email, to our mobile app and in Online Banking.

Alerts include when your balance goes below a certain amount, when a transaction is posted, when a loan payment is due and when your Online Banking details have been changed.

You choose which alerts you want and how you want to receive them.

Go to your Profile in Online Banking and click the Enroll button, next to Alerts.




Use the Contact Options to specify how you want to receive your alerts:
- by email
- by text message (SMS)

- by notifications to Mobile Banking

You can also set up a Do Not Disturb time range when you don't want to receive alerts. Any outstanding alerts are automatically sent to you when the Do Not Disturb window expires.




Alert Options allows you to choose which alerts you want to receive.

Security alerts notify you when your password or email has been changed or if your account is locked out.

Balance alerts notify you if your balance goes above or below amounts you specify or if your account goes overdrawn.

Transaction alerts notify of debit and credit transactions, if a specific check number has cleared.

Loan alerts let you set up payment reminders and get notified if a payment is overdue.



You can set up one or more email accounts to receive alerts, e.g. set up your home and work email so that you don't miss an important alert at work.

Email alerts contain the most information




Get alerts sent to your mobile phone via text message (SMS).

You can stop all text alerts by replying STOP to 31727.

Note that message and data rates may apply. Check with you phone carrier



Alerts sent to the Secure Inbox are displayed at the top of your Online Banking home page.

You can mark each alert as read so only the most recent, unread alerts are shown.